Cabin Fever

Mary having a hard day
Mary having a hard day

This picture of Mary describes exactly how life’s been lately. I’m sure it’s some combination between trying to potty-train my daughter and having been through 3 months of remodeling with no ETA on the kitchen sink. Still I’m reminded that one of these days I’ll look back and laugh. This happened sometime early last spring. We were living in a basement. I was depressed and didn’t even go outside much. My poor kids. But we had sunshine that morning, and I think I was just stepping outside to take a few photos when a two-year-old Mary came rushing – or should I say waddling? up the stairs crying that she wanted to ‘go with me’. Wherever I was going, it didn’t matter to her, so intent she was on not being left behind. I guess she’d become tired of my, “But you’re just in your pullup!” excuses, and got herself dressed in a hurry.

And that’s perfectly how I feel lately. Washing dishes in the bathtub and using the toilet as a garbage disposal. Doing laundry in Shelob’s Lair. Trying to keep a 12×20′ room clean though it houses our sofas, kitchen table, comptuer desk, both tvs, a nintendo, golf clubs, all the kids toys, and several storage boxes. Gaining a solid 15 pounds from living off microwave food. I jump at the chance to get out of the house. So if you see me walking around your local big box store with mismatched socks, or spy me in a local restaurant in my PJs, you’ll know why. 🙂

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