Summer’s Stories

Alright, it’s been way too long since I posted anything. This summer has been totally crazy. I’m sure you’re thinking “that’s what they all say” but suffice it to say there was rarely a moment to think, let alone time to update the blog. Especially since I tend to delete an article unless I think it’s presentable. So I’ll fight that urge. For anyone who’s been dying to know, read on to find out what we’ve done this summer. Remodeled the Kitchen / Living Room / Dining Room: Yes, I finally am the proud new owner of a real kitchen sink with countertops to boot. And with every new change it seems we have to have some sort of massive family dinner party. (the house is still very under-construction) It’s great fun, and as it turns out, my house with its big open space and a deck out back comfortably entertains more than 20 people at a time. Good times! Just keeps me from writing in the blog much 🙂

Had our parked, unoccupied vehicle beaten up by yet another Dodge Ram. We think Dodge Rams have something against corollas or at least against my husband since this is the third accident we’ve had (none of which were our fault or preventable) involving dodge rams. This time we took the insurance money and applied it to home improvement projects. It’s no use fixing the dings with all the trucks in the world.

Taken a long (for us) road-trip vacation up the California Coast: We got some fun pictures too. We started at a hosting convention in Vegas where Conor taught us what great (and great big) steak is all about. After a few days in Vegas, we drove up the coast to an adorable town on the sea called Morro Bay. My only advice there: don’t wait till sundown to enjoy the Embarcadero, because everyone closes shop around 9! Then we went on to stay at a beach hotel in Monterey where we found among the masses of beached jellies an amazing seashell that turned out to be alive. So I photographed it and threw it back. We stayed with my best-childhood friend in San Francisco, and then spent a few nights in Sacramento with my husband’s friend before driving back through Nevada and home again.

Had a dear friend in town: A Spanish internet penpal of nearly 10 years. It was great to finally meet in person, not to mention show off the beautiful Utah mountains and fabulous ice-cream parlors 🙂

Started our oldest in Kindergarten: I can’t believe I’m the mother of a five-year old, let alone the brilliant one I’ve got. Try as we might to get him into charter schools, we could not, so we’re continuing the at-home academics while we hope for positive social experience at public school. So far, he’s had his first bloody nose, dealt with the girl who takes his blocks by bartering the blocks she really wants, and learned how to act like a total Spas at home. I’m an awful mom who hasn’t really had him spend much time around other kids. Bad bad bad me. So now he’s just excited to be around his friends every day instead of just once a week.

Personally speaking and trying not to gripe too much, I am SURE mothers teach their kids letters, numbers, colors, and shapes before school, yet that is exactly what they’re set out to learn THIS YEAR. Ugh. My four-year-old easily completes the homework assignments with her brother (things like, find five red objects, find a circle, identify the letters of the alphabet, etc). But it’s not to say we’re not having fun. The other day, after a story about five mice, the teacher asked him to draw a picture to represent “Five.” I guess she meant five stars, five squares, whatever. My little creative problem-solver wrote a big “5” in the middle of his paper. She came by and explained that she didn’t want him to just write a 5. She wanted him to draw something that MEANS 5 to show that he understands what Five really is. Ethan quickly corrected the problem by adding a “10 -” in front. She was satisfied 🙂

To spotolight my other smart kid for a moment (yes I’m a total braggard considering how little I have to do with these kids’ genius), here’s a quick story about Mary and simple machines: Yesterday she was excitedly jabbering as only she can about her new creation, the Canyonpoop. I have been sick and was in and out of dozing… catching just “And then we get a jumper… and a flyer…. and the canyonpoop will THROW it and …” Suddenly realizing I’d missed 90% of what she said, but worried about ‘jumping’ and ‘flying’ considering the raised deck out back, I asked “Wait a sec Mary, what is a canyonpoop?” She pulled out a device she’d been building with K’NEX pieces and showed me how the “flyer” goes on one end of the lever, and when the “jumper” lands on the other, the “flyer” shoots across the room. “Catapult” … “Canyonpoop” …. they do (almost) rhyme, you know. 😉 Mary’s got quite the vocabulary, but if she doesn’t quite know the word she’ll just sortof make it up based on any vague memory of a concept. She is so cute. Still, I need to listen to her more while she’s still so funny, because at the rate she’s going, she won’t make these cute little linguistic mistakes for long. 🙂

Last and I wish least, we’ve been through all sorts of drama (bad) and excitement (good): I don’t know what all I want to type about all that. For example, we had a wedding and a funeral on the same day, in two different states, and that was one of the smaller issues we dealt with. But, here we are anyway. And I even found a minute to blog about it.

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