Try this at home!

Remember the ‘stained glass‘ project? I just thought you might like an update from someone who decided to use this technique in her apartment. Only Eva has a way of taking a pretty good idea and making it much cooler. Have a look. When Eva found out that one of her neighbors had a bad habit with a telescope, she decided it was time to upgrade her window situation. She couldn’t do alot about the bad blinds or curtains since it’s a rental, so she made this fabulous aquarium scene using black paper and — get this — watercolored her own tracing paper (she didn’t want to have to go buy a bunch of colored tissue).

Her design is alot more complex than the ones I did, but she still whipped it up in a weekend, by working on the fish-shapes individually and then merging them all together with ripples for water. Every fish needs a friend, so Eva made her copies by first drawing out her fish design, then stapling a few pieces of black paper together where the cutouts would be. That way, she could cu two of her fishies out at once. Here’s Eva’s awesome work of art:

A work in progress - here's a seahorse.
A work in progress - here
The finished under-water themed 'stained glass'
The finished under-water themed

If anyone wants to send her a comment, just drop it in the contact form and I’ll forward it along. She rocks 😀 And if you’ve created a design using this technique, by all means, please send in a photograph and your story!

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