Happy New Year!

We had a simple celebration last night with some family and my former next-door neighbors (Who are practically family anyway).  Well, I say simple.  It was simple for ME…

I was singing at my mom’s church in American Fork, when who should I run into but Dallas, who was was visiting from Louisiana.  Dallas who babysat me when I was four,  and who was brave enough let me babysit HER children when I was eight.  Dallas who is a dear friend I rarely see anymore.  So of course I asked her when we could visit, and my mom, who was also there, suggested New Years Eve.  And I volunteered my house for the party, but since I had to work, she and my mom decided to do the planning and inviting.

I’d told my mom that 7:30 would be ideal; it’d be after everyone ate their real dinner, plus it would give me some time to get off work at 6pm and get myself and my house ready.

Well, people started arriving at 6. 🙂  Oops.  So Dallas and my mom worked on getting the food together while I got my shower.  See? Simple for me.  I felt pretty dorky, but it’s all good, I do that alot.  And it was simple after that too; we had soup and snacks, folded some paper plates, and just caught up.  I was a bit bummed when everyone left at 11, but I just watched Elf with my kids and rang in the new year with Dick Clark and a bottle of Martinelli’s cider.

Very simple. Even though I botched the party.

So I think I’ll make simple resolutions to match.  There’s much more I could be doing and probably should be doing, but this is a start at least.  Nothing too complicated,  and something I’m not likely to give up on by next week.

  • Eat my 5 fruits and veggies every day
  • Spend at least two hours each week in active play with my kids (sports, hiking, sledding, snowballing, tag, etc)
  • Pray more often

Think I can handle it?  It’s simple enough, I just might 🙂


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