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Happy New Year!

We had a simple celebration last night with some family and my former next-door neighbors (Who are practically family anyway).  Well, I say simple.  It was simple for ME…

Esmervelda and Jen the Psychic Sidekick – Predictions for 2006

The oddest thing happened last night. I realized I work online too much. I was at walmart trying to help Mary pick out a present for Ethan, and I spied my institute teachers from eight years ago. I immediately recognized them – but unfortunately not for who they were.

Instead, for a split second I thought they were a couple I’ve been doing some web-work for from Buffallo, New York. They didn’t recognize me at all, as far as I can tell, but did wonder why I was looking at them like I had something to say. Something like, “Hey! How are your Christmas sales going, and what are you doing at Walmart when you have so much nifty stuff on your own site?”