Vela Supernova

Today we’re working on a star ceiling for our movie-room-to-be. Because the fiber optic cable might be a little hard to work with, we’re not going to try to replicate the night sky, but we are going to include “our” constellations from the zodiac (Even though I don’t particularly care for astrology). And we wanted it to look like stars even with the lights off. So I was also trying to think of what to paint on the ceiling, when I remembered the Vela Supernova Remnant. One of my friends had pointed it out to me several months back thinking the name was a funny coincident given the whole SuperNovia thing. I’m hoping I can figure out how to do this in paint. 😀

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  1. Hola de parte de, encontre tu blog navegando por la red buscando vela en google. Me parece super interesante la información que tienes en tu blog y sin lugar a dudas regresare a leerlo. Tengo una pregunta, si podria traducir tu blog “Vela Supernova ::” y añadirlos a un de mis blogs en italiano? Y por supuesto con el link direccionando a tu blog. Estare esperando tu respuesta.


    1. Hey there, I’m not very good with Spanish OR Italian.. I get that you want to do a link exchange but Id need to understand what I’d be linking to 🙂 Thanks!


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