What the … HollywoodFA!?

What in the world? My friends make fun of me because sometimes (Okay, all the time) I tend to miss little details.  Probably something to do with my ditching glasses for ten years of my life before I got contacts.  I thought it made me less a geek. I’ve grown wiser since then, but I still wear contacts.

Anyway, I was just glancing over recent posts, and happened to noticed in my little adventure that Hollywood was spelled with an ‘f-a’ at the end.  An F-A!?  As in Hollywoodfa? If you’ve seen my sanity anywhere, can you please send it back?  I didn’t realize it had left…

Actually I just went and checked my previous response emails to the article and none of them have the ‘fa’ on the end. So I guess I’d better figure out who’s messing with me, and what else they’re messing with.  Guys, this isn’t funnyfa…

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