Neighborhood Parades

Laura Moncur, one of the few Utah Girl Geeks I know, blogged today about doing a parade down the street with her sister in 1980. The photo she included is absolutely adorable, and oh the memories that rushed back!

My sister and I had a parade just like that once! Only she’d chopped up my long, luxurious hair in zig zags so I’d look like a clown. When we got back, my mom was so sad/mad, she gave me the infamous buzz cut that made everyone in first grade think I was a boy. I just wish she wouldn’t have been so upset she forgot to take photos, because despite the trauma, I have great memories.

So I think I’d like to set one up for my kids too. Not the city children’s parade. THAT is a circus, and it’s far too hot out by the time that rolls around anyway. Just a round-the-block bike parade with streamers and wagons and the whole nine yards. I can hardly wait! And I -will- take photos, no matter what 🙂

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