Tetris and Life

This morning on Twitter I posted, “Life is like a game of Tetris. Make the most of whatever falls.” Allow me to elaborate.

I had to laugh when I saw Google’s Tetris logo this morning. Things for me have been more than crazy lately: having to find a new apartment, starting school again, changing jobs, rearranging schedules, figuring out how to make ends meet on a fraction of my former budget… You get the idea! Just when I think I’ve got it all put together, something new comes up.

And when it does, I start humming, whistling, or tapping my toes as my mind starts playing the Tetris themesong again. Because even though it sometimes feels like my world is falling down in pieces, somehow (with God’s help!) I’m making it fit together again. When I mess something up, I work around it. And my favorite part? That elated feeling I get when I clear another row. Life is addicting again.



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