It’s been a nasty year for allergies, but I was finally starting to feel like I had things in check. So I was caught off guard when they went into overdrive yesterday morning, complete with a sniffly nose and sore throat.

My kids were caught off guard, too. Apparently I’ve been snoring. Last night at about 1am, I was summoned like so:

“Mommy? Moooooooooom!”

Not wanting to mess up a good thing with our new landlord, I hurried to Mary’s room.

“Yeah, baby?”
(tearfully) “Mom, I’m scared to be around you.”

Never mind the fact that she’d just called me to her room. “What ever for?”

“I think you’ve got … SWINE FLU.”
“Oh, Mary…” (stepping forward to comfort her)
“Mom! DON’T TOUCH ME! You can blow me a hug, but for goodness sake, don’t blow me kisses.”

Luckily, a blown hug was enough to get her to go back to bed. From there, she truly has avoided me all day. Maybe the CDC should have a special site for young hypochondriacs?

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