Pineapple Upside Brownies

Add a scoop of icecream to make this taste just like a hot fudge and caramel sundae with pineapple on top. It’s really just your typical Pineapple Upside Down Cake, only made with a brownie recipe instead. And I use the term recipe loosely.

First I put half of a cube (4T) butter in a 13×9 pan at 350 degrees. Meanwhile, I whipped up a 13×9 brownie mix using the ‘cake like’ recipe with three eggs. I also skipped the water in lieu of pineapple juice. By then my butter was melted, so I added a half cup of packed brown sugar and a tablespoon of pineapple juice to the pan and stirred it all together. I was tempted to add just the tiniest bit of cinnamon at this point too, but I didn’t this time.

Next I added my pineapple, and since I only had tidbits, I just arranged them in a single layer. You could add Maraschino cherries too, if you have some. I didn’t. Finally, spoon the brownie batter on top — don’t worry about spreading it around much — and pop it in the oven.

I cook by smell & touch, so I waited until the stuff smelled heavenly, then made sure I could touch the top of the brownies without leaving a dent. And that’s it! If I had a tray to invert this on, I would, but I’m just going to leave it in the pan for easy travel to my nephew’s Birthday Luau. Since the brownies formed naturally craggy edges, I was able to sneak a spoonful, and it is heavenly.. caramelized edges, drippy caramel sauce, and tart pineapple over a chewy chocolaty cake. I’d better head out to this party before I end up sneaking too many samples… Aloha!