Pineapple Upside Brownies

Add a scoop of icecream to make this taste just like a hot fudge and caramel sundae with pineapple on top. It’s really just your typical Pineapple Upside Down Cake, only made with a brownie recipe instead. And I use the term recipe loosely.

First I put half of a cube (4T) butter in a 13×9 pan at 350 degrees. Meanwhile, I whipped up a 13×9 brownie mix using the ‘cake like’ recipe with three eggs. I also skipped the water in lieu of pineapple juice. By then my butter was melted, so I added a half cup of packed brown sugar and a tablespoon of pineapple juice to the pan and stirred it all together. I was tempted to add just the tiniest bit of cinnamon at this point too, but I didn’t this time.

Next I added my pineapple, and since I only had tidbits, I just arranged them in a single layer. You could add Maraschino cherries too, if you have some. I didn’t. Finally, spoon the brownie batter on top — don’t worry about spreading it around much — and pop it in the oven.

I cook by smell & touch, so I waited until the stuff smelled heavenly, then made sure I could touch the top of the brownies without leaving a dent. And that’s it! If I had a tray to invert this on, I would, but I’m just going to leave it in the pan for easy travel to my nephew’s Birthday Luau. Since the brownies formed naturally craggy edges, I was able to sneak a spoonful, and it is heavenly.. caramelized edges, drippy caramel sauce, and tart pineapple over a chewy chocolaty cake. I’d better head out to this party before I end up sneaking too many samples… Aloha!


  1. Ann, the perfectionist.

    Thinking i need to run to the store to buy the stuff to make this NOW. Not sure how the chocolate & pineapple will go together, but if you say it’s a thing, then I’m game to try! 🙂


  2. velda

    If you like fudge + caramel + pineapple like I do on a sundae, it’ll be good for you. They were awesome when they were warm. Unfortunately they had a little too much cooling and the caramel had soaked into them by the time they were served at this party, and then they were more like gooey brownies with pineapple on the bottom. Not quite the same thing as a nice chewy brownie with caramel and pineapple. So try not to make this unless you’re going to eat it right away.


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