Old picture, new resolve

I was finally able to get some of my old photos from the house, and among them I found this….

15 years and 30 pounds ago
11 years and 30 pounds ago

Before this picture, I’d come home from Russia having gained 30 pounds, and weighing very near what I do right now. But I’d pulled it all off again. Seems like some combination of Tae Bo and swimming worked wonders for me, but I gave up on both activities years ago.

Someone I trusted told me that I looked like an idiot when I did those things, and slowly but surely convinced me I should stop embarrassing us both. I wish I would have realized then what his definition of an idiot looked like, and the fact that no matter how silly might have looked, I shouldn’t have let someone else’s opinion of me stop me from doing what I enjoyed. In that sense, I really was a fool.

I can’t turn back the clock, and I don’t know that these workouts will have the same effect now that they did then. But I’m going to do them anyway, because whether or not I can get my skinny little waist back, I just might find something better. Wish me luck 🙂