Freeze & Bake with Pyrex?

I’ve been googling my eyes out trying to find out if it’s safe to freeze food in pyrex then put it directly in the oven (still in the pyrex, of course) when I want to warm up the food. I’d think that would make cooking for my little brood much more convenient without having to resort to Stauffers.

Some interweb people are saying it’ll work just fine. But I’ve found that people will often post an answer they haven’t really tried themselves, and only heard from someone else. When I try them, they don’t actually work. Cases in point: soaking drip pans with dryer sheets to effortlessly clean them, or cleaning hard water off glass shower doors with Magic Erasers, or melting crayons in the microwave in paper cups with medium heat in 30 second intervals. False, false, and false! Incidentally, I’m still working on that awful shower door, so if you have ideas…

But in the meantime, I’m going to try the pyrex bake/freeze myself, and share the dramatic conclusion with you here. I’ll rationalize that if it ruins my 6 cup pyrex, I’ve been needing a new one (for the sake of its lid) for more than a decade. Wish me luck, my silent friends, or if you’ve tried this yourself, let me know how it worked.

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