Pi Day Celebration

“It’s Pi-day! Pi-day! Fun fun fun!”

Thus began our morning. I told the kids it was 3.14 day; also Albert Einstein’s Birthday. Ethan said it was like the birthday of math and relativity. Mary said, “eh, not exactly.” But both agreed it was a GREAT day to play math games.

Try estimating the circumference of a circle by measuring its diameter: Give each kid a piece of yarn that’s quite a bit bigger around than a cylindrical container. By measuring 3 lengths plus a tiny bit more across the top and then cutting, they should be able to guess how much yarn it takes to wrap around the container. Fun, huh?

And, of course, we had pie. The cream pie was a matter of pudding, cream cheese, and fruit. The chicken pies were even easier: frozen food for the win!

Also, I decided it was a great day for me to FINALLY take my Accuplacer test so I could finally conquer my own mathematical demons. Yeah: I want to go into engineering/industrial design, and I’m afraid of the more complex math. But I can do hard things, and I’m going to school to learn. I am bound and determined to get good at this, and to help my kids to never fear math in the first place. So, here we go!


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