So it has come to this: both of my kids are in the double digits. What’s a mom to do?

Mary asked for a “Tape Cake” — one that looks like it was made out of a roll of tape. As it turns out, we ran out of time: the kids will be with their dad today for her birthday. But at least she got to blow out the candles on this one:

blowing out candles
Mary blowing out the candles on her birthday cake

Both of my kids are practically 30 year olds anyway (this is from last year) but I’ll miss their little kid voices at the very least.

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  1. Nine was a hard age for me for my oldest. Both in double digits? Yeah, that will be rough. What on earth is a tape cake? Now I’ll have to look that up! Hope it was a happy one.


  2. She’s completely obsessed with tape this year: painter’s tape, duct tape, bubble tape — you name it. I did end up finding a few pictures of “duct tape cake” on the web, and thought I could do something with fondant if I needed to, but since she wasn’t here for her birthday anyway, we missed out.


  3. My youngest is 4, but my oldest is 10; and I’m watching the time crash over me like waves on the beach… It seems that even while I rock them to sleep they wake up too big to keep rocking to sleep. Thank you for this post!


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