“Hug a Woman Who Wears Pants To Church” Day

Mary hates dresses. She’s explained it succinctly: “They just feel so… awkward… like…. well, like I’m not wearing any pants.”

And you already know I’m a feminist. Yet my heart about broke when I heard of “Women Wear Pants to Church Day” because of all the animosity I knew it would create. I love my friends who are participating in this, though I disagree with the idea of “demonstrations” at church. I love my friends who have hard harsh words for these protestors, though I completely disagree with their tactics, too.

What’s the problem with women wearing pants to church? Nothing. Nothing at all. The entire problem on both “sides” of this issue? It’s us. Us and our failure to love one another as the Lord loves us.

I do believe with all my heart that church is the place to make social change. I know contention is not the way to go, Love is.

So I’m asking you, whichever “side” you’re on, to remember to love. Remember that the Lord looks on the heart. Women who have long ago felt shunned are coming back for this. Please love them as your sisters. Please be aware of the example you set for your children or the children around you. Regardless of how you feel about the politics of it all, please, please make a point of demonstrating our love one to another.


  1. Amanda

    It’s awful how feminism is supposed to be about women having the choice to be (and wear) whatever they want…. and still, we spend a lot of energy tearing each other apart and debating whether choice A is better than choice B and how X is so much better than Y. Way to go for giving such a good example, and yes, if we all loved and accepted each other, the world would be such a better place.


    1. Velda

      So true. Feminism should be much more accepting than it is right now. I have hope, though, that in spite of our arguments, we can slowly change society for the better. Lasting positive changes can’t be won in an argument. It starts in our hearts and grows out slowly, over time.


  2. Velda

    To follow up, I saw one woman wearing a split skirt. I didn’t recognize her, and she seemed to be hurrying out. But I did give her a warm smile and a little curtsey in my purple dress.

    And, I did hug another woman who was wearing pants. But she almost always wears pants when she comes, and I hug her every time 🙂


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