Mixed Messages

Kudos to my little Mary for noticing this. She saw the ad on the back of Parents Magazine for March, where a woman is standing there in nothing but booty shorts and a mostly unbuttoned shirt. She immediately brought up the article from February, which pointed out a somewhat disturbing study that indicates little girls seem to want to be “too sexy” … “And they wonder why??”


We’re told women are valuable, powerful, strong, etc. But the images we see tell us over and over again that women exist primarily to be sexy. If seeing is believing, lets see some pictures of women doing amazing things!

I never use my neglected Single Mormon Mommy Facebook Page, but I think it’d be a great place So let’s use a pinterest board to collect some images for Mary … and the girls you love … to see. So I’m asking you:

Please find positive images of women doing good things, and share them there (I think I have to grant you permission, but you can contact me to ask) Or you can post to the facebook page and I’ll transfer them over. And yes, in case you didn’t know, I think being a mom is a pretty amazing thing, too. šŸ™‚