On Kings and Queens

Every man needs a woman when his life is a mess, because just like in chess, the Queen protects the King.

I see that quote on the interwebs a lot, and it’s so romantic and stuff. Especially when it’s printed over an embracing couple who seem to be wearing only tattoos of each others’ names.

But follow that analogy a little further. Just like in chess, these kind of men only move one step at a time, unless it involves hiding out in their castle, but mind you, she’s got to be out of the way for him to do that. Just like in chess, this woman is all over the board trying to protect her guy, while he would never put himself in danger to protect her. In fact, just like in chess, that guy will always give up his queen up to protect himself, especially if he can see there’s an up-and-coming pawn that can replace her. And just like in chess, their friends will always will take good care of her — so long as it’s good for him.

That’s not to say I need someone whose life is already perfect, because nobody’s is. It’s not to say I’d ditch a guy when things get messy, either. But I want a man who chooses me for who I am,* not someone who needs me so he can keep playing games.**

* From this post and others, he would deduce that I am a bit of a geek and a feminist. He’ll dig that, because he knows my intelligence, passion, and perspective will work in combination (not competition) with his. He knows he and I really are on the same team, and we’re meant to make a difference in this world.

** Figuratively speaking. I’d rather like a guy who actually enjoys playing chess and other games for the fun and mental exercise, so long as he’s also the sort who spends more time battling for good in real life.

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