Ilhe Grande

I should probably post a few pictures from my trip, yeah? This was one of my favorite days in Brazil: we all got up early and took a crazy ride from Ipanema to Angra dos Reis, where we embarked on a boat for Ilhe Grande. As soon as we got there, we immediately hopped on another boat that took us to a small corner of the island. Our adventures there? We hiked through the rainforest, got drenched in the rain, and chatted about life on some old man’s porch while we waited for the storm to die down. Then we played in the ocean before hiking back to the pier again and enjoying the hour-long ride back to the main port, rocking to 80’s dance hits – or napping.

Dinner in town was awesome too, with juices and drinks, fresh fish and bananas, and an adorable pregnant woman putting the Boss in Bossa Nova. Several hours later we got home (to Ipanema anyway), completely worn out and happy.

These pictures do not do the day justice, but enjoy:

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