Disney’s Lost Princesses

If you haven’t seen the VMA video, don’t. People say Miley Cyrus sold herself, but to whom? We are the consumers. Even if you’re only watching to see what the buzz is about. Even if you’re offended by it. Every single view is more money in the bank.

Consider everyone else involved the setup. She didn’t act alone. The whole debacle was carefully choreographed to pin all the outrage on one “used-up girl” as we’re taught to perceive her.

This has happened over and over again with different Disney girls. Why?

In chess, pawns become queens. At Disney, real-life princesses become pawns. The Onion called the game in 2008. They jokingly predicted Miley would be depleted by 2013. Pretty smart prediction for a satire. And they’re spot on again in 2013 about the reasons this hit top news. This has to stop, but how?

I read an awesome post on Beauty Redefined today about how to deal with moments that challenge our personal resilience. I loved these steps:

1. Self-Kindness: Extending kindness and understanding to oneself rather than harsh judgment and self-criticism;

2. Common Humanity: Seeing one’s experiences as part of the larger female experience rather than seeing them as separating and isolating; and

3. Mindfulness: Holding one’s painful thoughts and feelings in balanced awareness rather than letting them define or overwhelm you.

Could we possibly take those same steps and apply them as a group? While we don’t have to condone this sort of behavior, can we have compassion for the individual who was raised to play this role? Can we have some understanding of how this affects us, and how we affect it? Can we call for awareness of the cultural and often corporate problems behind incidents such as these?

What do you think?


  1. Dani

    I 100% agree! Sadly her own mother helped her choreograph the whole debacle, and was so excited for the world to see Miley as a “grown-up”. That just makes me want to puke. Thank God I have not seen 1 positive post in regards to the stunt she pulled, however people are talking…and I think that was the whole premise behind the act as she has a new cd coming out in a few months. It sickens me so much.

    By the buzz spreading, we are allowing her to continue to be used as a pawn. :/


    1. Velda

      Thanks Dani. So.. I’ve been thinking since I published, and I just updated the post with some ideas as to how we can maybe (maybe!) begin to combat this kind of thing. You might not agree with the stuff I added after “This has to stop” since you commented before that. Let me know what you think!


      1. Dani

        I love those ideas! She obviously is crying out for attention and help, and maybe someone close enough to her can actually be there for her. Show her love, compassion, and how to be respectful of not only others but herself. It’s definitely not too late for her…we should never give up on anyone. Period. 🙂


      2. Dani

        Here also is a video I watched yesterday that you might appreciate as much as I did. 🙂

        It’s definitely not what you think!


    1. Jeremy Nicoll (@eltiare)

      I realize that you made the same point, but it is a bit saddening this happens so much. As to what we can do about it? Vote with our dollars. It really is too bad that a good chunk of the entertainment and news companies are all owned by Disney, though. We can’t escape it because there’s no real competition. All companies are owned by six main companies.

      It’s a weird coincidence that this happened right before the Syria bombings. Might be a diversion tactic.


  2. Deni

    I didn’t watch the video, just saw facebook remarks (Jim Gaffigan says, “I wonder what Beyonce’s new haircut thinks about the Miley Cyrus video?” and local comedian Bob Bedore said, “Do you think Ben Affleck paid Miley to do that stunt just to take some of the internet heat off of him?”) So, thanks for the advice, I won’t watch it or give it any further attention.


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