New Year’s Resolution: Do all the things!

My colleague Ian shared this article on how to get better at what you do this morning. The gist: do it often. Way more often.

This flies in the face of the perfectionistic logic that’s been failing me for some time now. Take this blog for example. I rarely hit publish, thinking my article isn’t good enough yet. I keep thinking I’ll come back and fix up the draft later. Instead I’ve wound up with a massive stack of drafts and almost nothing published.

So I threw some ads up for the articles that get search engine traffic (sorry about that; I’ll fix it) and I called it good.

I can do better! Even if no one else comes through to read this, I like keeping my memories here.

So my New Year’s resolution has a few parts:
– Back fill my blog with my Facebook status updates. I’ll find a way to import them. Then stop writing on FB so much unless I link here.
– Write here (gulp!) every day. Yikes!

I really do worry about the quality thing, so, dear five followers, I will still do my best. But please hold me to this writing thing.

One more thing: With the way things are looking, I may not even be a single Mormon mommy for much longer. Mormon Step Mommy maybe? Only if my sweetie and his kids are OK with it. I might need to merge everything back into one blog: … which oddly has followers . I’m terrified of writing there. I’ll practice writing here first, then if all goes well, when I’m no longer single (save a slice of Pi Day for me, friends!) I’ll clean up and migrate it all over. Woo!

Another resolution: do that quantity thing with other goals, like exercise. 😉


    1. Velda

      Hehe! You win for noticing! We aren’t going “Facebook Official” just yet, but this is definitely in the works 😀

      We are holding off on rings and official announcements until we’ve gotten through a bucket list of activities / achievements designed to see that we and our families will get along. I actually have an article on our “marriage merit badge” idea, but … it’s only a draft. Lol.


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