Light Conversations


Just as I was hitting the lights at our hotel tonight, my beau’s daughter said, “Did you know if you close your eyes before turning the lights off, you’ll still be able to see when you open them again?”

So I tried it. Expecting to have a fun little chat about confirmation bias and the merits of skeptically testing such statements, I shut my eyes, clicked the switch, then took a look around to see how well it worked. And I was absolutely floored! My response was, and I quote: “Whaaaaaaaaat?”

Took me a good 3 seconds to realize the switch had only turned off one of the lamps. πŸ˜‰


  1. Margie Miranda

    Why do so many people criticize the mormon church? What’s the big deal.. they don’t bash on your churches. People say they judge, well your judging them. No one is perfect. And if your saying it’s a fraud try it yourself and see for yourself. Don’t listen to what someone else has so say. You can only know something for yourself if you do it and learn it yourself. Whats’s the worst that could happen if you just look into it or try it out? Not much, only maybe you’ll think it’s not for you. If your searching for something, start there. It really is true and you’ll come to know it.


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