Well this is awkard

On January 1 this year, I resolved to blog every day, even if it was only a little bit. My other blogs saw a flurry of posts until wedding planning got out of hand, then I just sort of stopped blogging. And here we are now in May. D’oh.

Last month, several of my coworkers did a one-month daily blogging challenge. I’d missed the start date, having not realized that tripling the number of kids at home would also triple the number of germs. It took me most of April to get reasonably healthy again. So I’m starting now.

My only self-imposed rule is that each post must be haiku-length or longer. So, if it’s short or just a picture, it’s going to have to have a haiku with it.

As for topics, I’m also looking to combine *all the blogs* (or at least all of non-private, non-test blogs) into one again. I thought I’d enjoy the compartmentalization of having a geek blog and a mom blog, and a wedding blog, and a blender blog, as well as an old site for my design work. But really it just meant I never got around to updating any of them. So brace yourself for all kinds of randomness, and wish me luck.

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