Why Disney Princesses Travel with Animal Sidekicks

While chatting over breakfast, we had realized that Disney Princesses really do tend to have animal* companions. And I think we figured out why they use that trope: a human companion would create too much competition for the movie’s primary relationship. But if a princess didn’t have a companion at all, she’d basically have to talk to herself to communicate with the audience.

Well Disney, my girl has another idea for you:

They could have a princess who blogs. Think about it:

“Episode 98: Hello world! Today I was attacked by bad guys, again. But… I’m still surprisingly beautiful.”

You’re welcome.

*exceptions we could think of: Meridah WAS an animal, and Olaf was technically a snowman. Still, non-human. I can also think of a few movies where princesses travelled with humans, but tension over relationship competition was part of their plot. Can you think of any more?

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