Google Sheets: Displaying a table based on criteria

Writing this down because it took me a hot minute to figure it out, and the terms I knew to search for weren’t turning up results for Google Sheets. I knew it could be done since I’ve done it in other platforms. Just wasn’t sure how here.

My community choir had sent out a questionnaire to get feedback from our members regarding Coronavirus. It had the standard questions at the beginning: name, email, etc. Because the email list they had could have been a bit dated, it also has a question about whether or not someone was currently a member, and if not whether they were interested in joining. This had multiple choice answers.

The choir director wanted a list emails and names of any that had not answered yes.

I had to google around a bit, but I finally found the Filter function. You can use it to display a range of cells based on criteria. So here’s how mine looked:

=filter(Responses!B:D, not(membership = "Yes"))

The sheet was named Responses. I had also clicked on the column that asked about whether they were members, and chosen to defined a named range. I called that membership, as you probably have guessed.

The result? A lovely short list of email addresses, names, and their answer to the membership question. Pixelated of course so I wouldn’t show contact info:

Hoping that helps someone!

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