Cleaning dried shampoo off a shelf

Today learned why shelf paper exists. I pulled a roll of toilet paper out of the cabinet, and it had somehow developed a strange, perfumed crust on the edge.

On further investigation, I found out almost an entire bottle of baby shampoo had spilled, and was stuck to everything in that cabinet, including the shelf itself.

How to clean up the mess? A wet washcloth only made things worse. A dry washcloth just kind of pushed the soap around.

Finally I realized I could gently scrape it up with a gift card. I kept scraping up the shampoo, scraping that off the card and into the trash, and going back for more. Then I used clean damp washcloths until they stopped turning up sudsy, and finally finished tidying up with a dry washcloth.

That’s the soapiest mess I’ve ever dealt with. How about you?

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