Starry Eyes and blushing face

Mixed Feelings: Emoji Mashups

My kid sends me the best emoji mashups. I’ll share a few. Many of these are #mood emojis but some just made us laugh.

BTW, I created this thread because @AuntMarvel shared a screenshot that said

“here 🕳
have a little void to scream into
as a treat “

And I was reminded of this lil gem:

Good emoji for when we’re behind on stuff and trying to get caught up and can’t. #mood

So here are some more! I had originally tweeted these as a thread, but my twitter is private, so I unrolled into a blog post.*

Originally tweeted by Ms V (@supernovia) on September 28, 2021.

* If you haven’t tried this, try it! I used’s Twitter > Unroll feature to create a blog post from the thread. I’m just gonna edit it slightly so my captions are actually captions now. And I’m grouping these images into a gallery, too.

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