I’m becoming a plant lady!

I already was, really, well before I moved here. I miss my berries terribly. But now I have these.

Last night I enjoyed chai and a good chat with an old friend. As we left, we saw some gentlemen at table next to a container garden. They were talking, smoking, and just generally enjoying the evening.

“Would it be OK if I take some mint?” my friend asked, gesturing, and the men broke into a chorus of “Of course, of course!”

One man stood. “Do you have… ah… some …” He pantomimed, and I nodded eagerly. “I have a pot and some dirt!”

And then I was holding my next plant baby by the roots. With a pat on my hand, he assured me. “Put it in the dirt. Everything will be fine.”

This tiny pot had just been vacated by the basil. I remember when my kids were babies, people would coo, “Don’t you wish they could stay little forever?” And I’d smile. But I was excited to watch them grow. So it goes with my garden, too. Here’s looking forward to repotting this little one in a few months.

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