“Am I being gaslit?”

This little buzzword seems to come up in a lot of conversations lately. Some say politicians or companies are gaslighting people, and others are saying gaslighting is something that can only happen in close relationships. Others are using the word as a substitution for lying.

Gaslighting isn’t simply disagreeing or lying. It intends to break the target’s trust in their own perceptions. That’s the hallmark, no matter who does it or how. Especially if they assure you you’re just too emotional or simple to understand the situation. And yet… by the time you’ve been immersed in it for a while, it really does feel like it’s your fault, that you’re forgetful or clueless or just can’t deal with real life. That’s their whole point.

So is it really just you? If this is happening in a close relationship or at work, check in with a therapist or social worker if you can, because you probably really do need help. That’s not because there’s anything wrong with your brain. It’s because extracting yourself from such a situation is hard. They can help you find support.

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