All systems go!

Well, almost. đŸ™‚ I haven’t finished working on this site but I guess that’s the idea with having a dynamic page: it can easily be added to and changed. And now that I CAN easily do that, I will.

Read on for a quick explanation of the links on the left. About is about the Novapages site and about me, Velda. You can also find my resumes there.

News and ramblings is for site news and a blog of sorts. This article falls under that catergory.

The portfolio and gallery includes designs & photos I’ve made for clients, as pitches, or just for fun.

Ideas and Tutorials is a kindof unique area of my site. When I have a good idea (no matter what it is about!) I like to share it. So you might find anything in there from making better graphics to easy recipies for chocolate chip cookies.

Contact me, will of course give you contact information and an email form.

Home brings you back to the front page of the site where you’ll find the most recent news, tutorial, and “about” article.

Enjoy the site!

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