Eating like a King on a Poor Man’s Budget

I certainly haven’t perfected the matter yet, but so far I’ve got a few good ideas! (And you’re welcome to submit yours!) I’ve been trying to cut down on my grocery budget while increasing my family’s satisfaction with the meals we’re serving. Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1 – Use in season fresh fruits and vegetables
They are CHEAP! They are FILLING. They help you enjoy each season. You wouldn’t go to a fancy resturaunt and have canned peas.

2 – Eat salad or soup with each meal
Use toppings and garnishes too. They don’t cost alot and the wow factor definately goes up!

3 – Use fancy bread
Yes, unless you make it yourself, fancy bread costs more, but it will be more likely to make you feel like you’ve eaten well. And fancy bread costs less at home than it does in a resturaunt. Carb counters, you’re missing out.

4 – Learn how to use seasonings
One of these days I’ll post a spice chart or something. Some people claim they don’t like spices, but then they wonder how resturaunt food tastes so much better than their cooking. Here’s a hint: the resturant uses a bit more than salt and pepper!

5 – Plan your leftovers
Yes leftovers are pretty disgusting once they’ve sat in the fridge for several days, but when well planned they may be just what’s needed to round out a meal. Here’s an easy example: leftover grilled chicken from Monday makes for a great chefs salad Tuesday afternoon!

6 – Ad shop
You can get as into this as you like, but my suggestion would be to just scan the ads as they come in for the best prices in each store, write them down, then go shopping at Walmart. They meet or beat their competitors ads.

That’s all I can think of for now but if you’ve got more tips send em on over and I’ll post them!

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