How to Crumble Cheddar

I thought everyone knew how to do this. I was wrong, so I’ll post it. Why would you pay premium price for a bag of cheese crumbles, or bother with the shredder ever again? This works for Jack and Colby as well, and probably with other ‘sliceable’ cheeses. Basically, you just have to freeze the block of cheese. Then let it thaw in the fridge. Open up the brick, and crumble away. Try to slice it if you need a good start – it’s practically impossible to slice crumbling cheese.

This is a great trick to do with “managers special” cheese – the 50% off kind … 🙂 … that’s nearing (but not over) it’s expiration date. Yes I hear your “EWwwwws!” but trust me on this. If you buy it from the bargain bin you can get the NICE brands of cheese for less than generic. Generic cheeses are so hit and miss. Nice-though-nearly-expired cheese tastes consistently better. Mind you, depending on the store you shop at, “Managers Special” cheddar may be a bit sharper than what it says on the label. It’s not going to get any sharper in your freezer though, as long as you use it within four months or so. When you do thaw it, just use it up soon. A slightly sharper flavor is especially tasty when using it for salad toppings, casseroles, and yummy barbecued cheeseburgers – anywhere you need a kick of cheesy flavor.

Should you wish to bring your cheese back to sliceability, wrap it in damp cheesecloth (see? You knew they called it cheesecloth for a reason!) and keep it at room temperature for a while, then pop it back in the fridge.

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  1. Keri H. Sparks

    Oh my word! I googled the answer to this question for 2 days before I found your blog. Awesome! Thanks so much. The only complaint I had about my pimento cheese was that it needed cheese crumbles, not shredded pieces. Yay! And thanks again!


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