Working at home has me in a bit of a habit. I’ve considered myself lucky really. Every evening after work, I take a shower and put on a clean uniform: a T-shirt and pajama pants. Some have stripes, some have flowers, others have bright polka dots. All cost me a few dollars each at my favorite food and drug store. They are very comfortable and kinda cute. My random “textured” hairstyle forms as it dries in my sleep. And every morning, I wake up ready to roll.

Startrek was dead on in many ways, and not just when it comes to technology — they knew that in the future, everyone would work in their PJs. But something tells me the future isn’t here just yet. Last week there was parents night at a school I’m hoping to get my kids into this fall. With just a few minutes left to get dressed and go, I caught myself planning to wear my nice PJs: the dark blue pants with suns and moons, and a matching yellow and orange tie-dyed v-neck.

So this morning, like all the other mornings this past week, I’ve showered and put on a clean skirt, blouse, sandals, and a necklace, and put some effort into making my hair work. If you’ve missed the pajama-clad wonder, don’t worry, I’ll probably be back to normal soon.


    1. singlemormonmommy

      They are terribly comfortable! My orange and yellow tie-dyed shirt lost its battle a few years ago, but I still have the celestial pajama pants. Long may they live.


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