The day I was On Point

I don’t even know if that’s a term anymore… but you know what? Today a couple of people thought my outfit was so nice, they assumed I worked in fashion. Me? Fashionable?

That has literally never, EVER happened in my entire life.

In Kindergarten, one regular outfit was toughskins (handed down from my brothers) and an old teal velvet shirt. I had some homemade lederhosen, too, which I opted one day to wear over my (also handed down) Shelly Explorers t-shirt. I couldn’t figure out why my teacher kept trying to take my straps down. When I walked home and told my mom, she looked at me and gasped. Apparently they made my shirt say HELL EXPLORERS. I only wore that outfit once.

And I still remember the day I started to wear adult-sized hand-me downs. I had gone to school in a “new” pair of denim culottes. Fifth grade meanies Meg and Rebeckah (who had made fun of me ever since I got granny glasses) looked me up and down, turned to each other, and howled with laughter.

By the time I was 12, I was tired of being made fun of. I worked a paper route and a babysitting gig. I was done with hand-me downs and secondhands. So I’d buy “cool” clothes — at a place one step up from the dollar store. Who would have thought I’d still get teased with with bright purple shorts, a loud matchy shirt, and a floofy pink bowy in my hair?

As an adult, I’ve spent most of my years balancing motherhood and working from home. I’m less cavalier about going out in PJs now that I’m older and frumpier, but friends, they’re still my daily uniform. I just stay inside. And yes, yes I do wear leggings as pants. At least I wear pants! To me, fashion just seems like folks cosplaying rich people.

But today was different.

Today my local coworkers got together for a holiday lunch. So I put on normal pants. And a sweater I’d grabbed at the DI for $4. I grabbed a scarf. It happened to match my sweater. So reader, I even put on a tiny bit of eye makeup: this was a party after all. “Hey… you look cute!” my roommate called as I ran out the door.

My coworkers didn’t mention it. But I saw an old friend there and walked over to say hi. He introduced his friends. And it turns out they had been talking about my outfit in a positive light. They assumed I worked a tech fashion company nearby. When I told them how shocked I was, how I had never heard that before in my life, they joked that I might want to mark it on a calendar. And I told them I’d blog about it instead.

A momentous occasion indeed! Here’s the most flattering picture I could take, and to be honest I’m still not sure it looks good. But I will save it for the funny memory. And I will try not to let it go to my head. 😆

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