Waking at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday

Ever hear voices in the night? I did yesterday.

“If you want to shower before rehearsal, you need to get up.”

My brain doesn’t usually think in words, and these had startled me awake. It was still dark outside. I reached for my phone. Oof… just a little past 4am. Tech rehearsal wouldn’t start until 8. I turned the phone over and tried to go back to sleep. And just as I’d managed to doze off again:

“You’ll WANT to shower this morning. But you won’t get to unless you get up NOW!”


I flipped on my lamp and gathered my clothing for the day, then headed downstairs to the shower. And as I turned toward the bathroom, I heard the sound of water running.

The hot water in my sink was on full blast, and apparently had been overnight. I ran my hand through the water, and of course it was icy cold by then. So I turned it off, decided ask my roommate about possible sleepwalking, and went back to bed.

And by 7:15, my tank water heater had worked its magic again, and I got that nice warm shower that I certainly wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Coincidence? Clairvoyance? Call it what you will. I tend to call it a little boost to my faith. And I’m grateful for that.

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