Getting Started on the Web

As a tech at a web hosting company, and having been involved in web design for the past ten years, I find myself offering the same advice over and over to n00bs (newbies) all over the internet: how to get started on the web. How to come up with a web site design, how to set up a blog, how to get an e-commerce store up and going, how to improve the look of a website, how to get search engines to notice you. None of this information is new, and there are literally thousands of articles on the net to help you along your way. But for those of you wanting my special perspective (read: analogies galore!) and velda-esque expertise, and because I’ve got nothing more interesting to blog about right now. here we go!

Getting Started on the Web, Part One: I’m Ready!

Note: These ideas won’t tumble out in a logical step-by-step order yet so much as the frequency I run into the questions. So if you need help and I don’t have your steps up yet, feel free to contact me.

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