Nerds Gone Wild

My wildest spring break ever involved an impromptu road trip to Tuscon with my little brother just a few months before I got married. We alternated listening to cassette tapes of Simon and Garfunkel and the first Matrix soundtrack, drove through a crazy blizzard, and bought a wicked chess set in Nogales. Yes I know, nerdy girls do crazy things when the winds of change are at gale force. I’d hoped for somewhat of a repeat this year, minus the “bracelet incident”, this time to see my brother and sister and their families and to let my kids hang out with their cousins. But since I was still getting over pneumonia, we decided to take it easy at home instead. One week and half a ream of paper later, the kids -seem- to have enjoyed themselves.

Ethan’s taught himself several new origami models. Mary’s glued googley eyes to her small family of fork pom-poms. Both kids have discovered the joy of spit bubbles, grass confetti, and cutting their own paper snow flakes. We’ve practiced our Peas Porridge and reminded ourselves just what its all about with the Hokey Pokey. We’ve read about the Five Chinese Brothers and Tante Odette. We’ve discussed taxes and politics, and contributed to the economy with a dollar’s worth of penny candy. Together we’ve dined on Mexican, Chinese, and over-cooked kabas, and we even attended somewhat of an un-birthday party. We’ve adored Nimbus (our kitten to be) and my mom’s-neighbors-teenage-chickens. And tomorrow, if all goes well, we’ll be planting a flower garden on the freshly plowed corner plot and spending a few hours in the park. Yet I still somehow I managed to work, and the kids managed to get an indecent dose of video gaming.

And though they do love their school and are excited to go back for a while, I guarantee that come Monday morning, they’ll lament “But we didn’t have any fun!” I too sometimes wonder what sorts of exciting adventures everyone else is having without us. Maybe that’s why Jared wants a boat so badly, to add some excitement to our lives. But honestly? I don’t think it was a bad week at all. And I’d bet that one of these days, the kids will feel the same way.

PS: w00t! Just took a nerd test, check this out! I’ve decided to post it on all my nerd related items.

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