Death of a Laptop

Don’t you hate it when your laptop dies just days after your warranty expires? Particularly when you’re in the middle of having to go back to school, leave your home, find an apartment, and start a new life? That’s a story for another time, but suffice it to say, the timing really couldn’t be worse.

The odd thing is, my lenova isn’t really dead yet. But the case appears to be. It’s acting like it’s been dropped or stepped on, though I’ve witnessed neither. The plastic for the bottom of the case is broken just under the right hinge where the screw should keep its contents tightly concealed. Now when I open the poor laptop, it creaks and groans as the keyboard bends up and exposes its innards. No one’s speaking up about the damage, which fairly stinks given the trust issues I’m fighting, and even if I were under warranty, I am sure this wouldn’t be covered.

If I can find a recycled laptop-bottom for this IdeaPad Y510, I think I could manage putting it back together, otherwise I’m fairly certain this poor baby’s got just days left before these insides get too messed up and all is lost.

My life exists on this laptop. 80% of my classes this semester are online. 100% of my work is online and on this system. The means of reorganizing my life exist on this computer. And let’s be honest, an unfortunately disproportionate chunk of my social life exists online as well. Not that my laptop is everything. I mean without a laptop, I’ve still got my kids — just no way to take care of them. Even resurrecting my old desktop with an ubuntu installation wouldn’t be a viable option at this point, since I don’t have a place to put it.

Which means I may be in the market for a very-affordable, very portable means of preserving my digital life — preferably with a screen that is easily visible outside in the sunlight (possibly transreflective?). My mission: to seek out the best yet cheapest mini laptop I can find, with outdoor screen visibility and battery life at the top of my priority list. Wish me luck.

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