Lenovo Y510 hinge

Apparently this is a common issue! I am so glad to find that out. First because it means I -may- be able to convince Lenovo to replace the hinge for me, even though I’m a few days out of warranty. Second, if they won’t replace it, I can probably go out and find the part as it seems to happen frequently. And most of all for me, it’s huge a relief to know this isn’t anyone’s undeclared fault.


Lenovo’s site has a tool that will let you check your warranty. The date on mine had to have been later than the original purchase date. I called to ask them about it, and they happily sent me a box and had the laptop repaired within about a week. I’d also included my caps lock key with the box; it had fallen off and I couldn’t get it back on. Even though my keyboard was so worn down you could no longer even see the letters, they replaced the whole thing.

I’d had some awful experiences with the warranty service for my HP laptop purchased through the now defunct CompUSA. Lenovo’s support, in comparison, was so excellent, I’m trying to scrape together enough money to purchase an extended warranty through them.

Thanks Lenovo for your excellent support and an otherwise super sturdy laptop!