Waking up the kids

Ethan’s usually not my groggy child. Typically I wake him up first and send him on his way to get ready, then go work on waking up his sister, which can take a while. Not so this morning.

“Goooood morning Ethan! How’s my boy today?”
“…. dessert.”
“Did you say ‘blert’ or ‘dessert’?”
(smiling sheepishly as he realizes he was sleep talking) “Dessert.”
“So you’re dessert eh? Should I just eat you up??”
And by the time I’d nibbled his arm, he was awake enough for me to move on to Mary.

“Goooood morning, my Mary! Are you dessert too?”
(sigh and stretch) “No, but you ARE sweet, Momma.”

Ah, how I love my kids.

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