Modern-day Manna

Just look what was on my doorstep to greet me when I came home from choir practice:

A bowl of delicious red raspberries!
A bowl of delicious red raspberries left at my door

I knew when I left my house and went back to school that we’d be struggling for a while, but I also knew how strongly I felt, and that if this was indeed the right thing to do, we’d been seen through it somehow. As my Mary put it, “It’s not like we’re fleeing into the wilderness.”

It has been hard. But not one week has gone by this summer without one sweet neighbor or another bringing by a loaf of bread, a bag of beans, fresh corn, peaches, tomatoes, lettuce, cantaloupe, or a bowl of berries. At a big barbecue last night, a girl asked if anyone wanted to combine the ketchup bottles and take one home. I did! So she gave me a bag of hotdog buns as well. And on Monday at a family cookout, my mom somehow had about 5 pounds of extra meat that is now in my freezer.

Despite the stress of running on empty, our fridge is full. So I smiled at church today when we spoke of manna from heaven, and I believe God smiled back.


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