Chatting with the kids

Oh, the conversations I have with my kids. Tonight we happened to be talking about talking.

“You know mom, I love talking with you. Not EVERY kid gets to have these great chats with their mom. It takes work, but it’s worth it, just like it takes work to get the dishes done. Kids have to learn to speak up. Sometimes that’s hard to do! And moms have to learn to listen. I don’t know why, but it seems some moms don’t even want to hear what their kids have to say. I’m sure glad you do.”

Wow. If she’ll keep that same attitude into her teens, and keep the listening too like she does, I’ll have it made! This entire conversation, mind you, was through a mostly closed bathroom door as she was getting ready for bed and I was putting some laundry away.

“So why do you think some families have trouble communicating, Mary?”

“Maybe it’s just because those kids and moms aren’t brilliant like we are.”

And I laughed. She really IS smart. They both are. But I don’t know how well that attitude will go over in life… what do you think? So I’d just started to wonder whether or how I should teach her to keep her ego in check, when she took care of it for me.

*splash* “Oohhhhh!!”

“What happened?”

“I stepped in the toilet!”

“What? How? Why?

“Well, I thought the lid was closed, so I went to stand on it and it turns out it wasn’t! And I hadn’t even flushed yet!

Ethan had just wandered in. We looked at each other with gross-out faces and started to laugh again. Mary’s my ponderer, and Ethan is all logic and reason. He called, “Mary, whatever the reason you wanted to stand on the toilet, why would you think the lid was closed when you could have just looked?”

So I sent Mary to the shower and sent Ethan to bed, and thus ended tonight’s conversation. But I can’t wait to chat with them again tomorrow. 🙂


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