Halloween ideas

October already? I used to LOVE Halloween and I am hoping it’ll find its charm for me again! But I’ve got to start trying to figure out what to do about the kids costumes. I know I could buy them online or even at the grocery store.. but that kinda takes the fun out of it for me.

So I’m debating what to do. I don’t have much time between school and work and being more-than-ever mom this year. And I just found a site that’s offering 5 costumes for $5 every week. Like this week – they’ve got a superman muscle chest costume (with the cape and a light-up super symbol and all) for five bucks. Easy peasy — I’d almost have to convince myself to not feel guilty about that one.

But my kids want to be a Game Cube this year. They’re thinking of getting a box and sitting in it, with benches for the three of us, and eye holes where the controllers would go in. I’ve tried to convince them that wouldn’t be so convenient for school or trick-or-treating. But maybe we could come up with some way to make them at least look like old-school Nintendo controllers. What do you think?

In the meantime, if I had anything to do on Halloween (want to invite me to your party? :)), I think I’d dress up in scrubs and carry around a barf bowl full of my favorite Halloween dip: blend one cube of cream cheese with a small jar of salsa verde. Stir in chopped tomatoes. Tastes fantastic, looks disgusting.

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