Scents and Sensibilitiy

They say of all our senses, scent has the strongest memory. Add that to a girl who’s got already got a knack of remembering the most random details and expressing them in the oddest ways, and strange comments are bound to ensure ensue. (d’oh! That typo could have landed me on one of my brother’s blog posts about botched phrases!)

To celebrate Crazy Hair Day at school, Mary had asked for spikes this morning. So I tried. But all the spiking glue in the world wasn’t about to make her locks stand on end. She ended up looking a bit more like Medusa, and her hair even rattled while she walked. I perched a flower bow on top to soften the effect, then threw Ethan’s hair into a spiky mess as well, and shipped them off to school.

Well surprise, surprise: Ten hours and five shampoos later, she needed my help getting out the last of the sticky snarls. I’d just rinsed the suds and was closing the shower curtain for her to finish up when she grabbed a bottle, drew in a long whiff, closed her eyes and sighed, “I love this conditioner. It smells just like Jack and Jill’s Bowling Alley!”

Last time I was there it was all stinky feet and sweat or worse. It’s been a while for me though, and I know the kids have gone there with their dad several times this past year. So perhaps they’ve just picked up a new, um… Raspberry and Jojoba… air freshener, or maybe the girl in the next lane went a little heavy on her perfume. But I must admit I’m curious, and next time I drive by I’m going to have to pop in to verify. And I’m thinking I’ll switch conditioners, too :-p

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