Wisdom of the Ages 7 and 8

More random stuff my kids have said lately…

Anyone who knows Mary knows she’s got a lot to say. Some of it cracks me up, like what I’d posted last time about the bowling alley. Some of it’s actually pretty wise, like this tidibit she offered today, “Sadness is like candy. It’s OK to have some now and then, as long as you don’t let it take over your life.”

And then there are the things that crack me up AND are wise, like she asked in her prayer today, “If there’s anything we want to do and can’t, bless us that we’ll find a pretty great substitute.”

My Ethan’s got his own flavor of wisdom too, but it usually doesn’t come out sounding very pint-sized at all… he’s got an old soul that really shines. Especially when he sings.

More than a few people have suggested I make a book for them of their sayings so I can give it to them later. But if nothing else I don’t want to forget the ways they pulled through these trying times we’re in. So for now I’ll just start adding their new sayings to this post as comments so I can keep track.

If there’s anything I told you they said and I haven’t posted it here, feel free to add it or as much as you can remember.

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