All I want for Christmas…

I’ve asked the kids this question. Ethan’s already getting a violin and lessons from my extended family, and Mary, if I can find what I’m looking for on KSL Classifieds, will be getting a new desk to do her crafts and homework on. “So what else do you really want?” “A DS!” they chime together. “Okay, besides a DS, guys. You’ll have to ask Santa for that when you’re with your dad.”

And after a little thought, both kids said they just wanted to be happy. And they wanted us to start some new traditions as a mini-family. So that is precisely what we’re doing.

For FHE tonight, we’re going to make our Christmas tree. This was the kids idea mind you. They want to cut out lots of paper hands and write something on them (we haven’t decided yet what.) Hope it’ll be cute.

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