Wending With Joy

So I got this song stuck in my head this morning, and being the somewhat emo|dorky|sensitive person I am, I started to think a lot about what the lyrics meant. This little snippet especially stuck with me: “…. with joy wend your way”

For all the times I’ve sung this song, I never knew what the word “wend” meant. So today, I finally looked it up. It turns out Wend means to direct one’s course. And just where are we going? When the song was written, the author wasn’t even sure where he would end up; but he had faith that God would help him find safe rest soon. I liked that. I also liked that the song said with joy rather than to joy too… that joy isn’t just the destination, its an integral part of the process.

So I’m off to wend my way with joy in spite of anything that would try to convince me I can’t. Wish me luck! Oh, and this quote says what I mean just perfectly… my 2nd cousin posted it on facebook:

“Our journey as human beings is not about following a pre-ordained path, but about creating that path. Life rarely makes any more sense when done ‘in order’. Life makes sense when we are centered in our hearts and we let go of resisting how our unique journey needs to unfold in its own beautifully unruly way.” from ‘Ordinary Sparkling Moments’ by Christine Mason Miller

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