Hello world!

This morning was a disaster.  Well, actually it was fairly run-of-the-mill as far as how things tend to roll around here, except that it was my daughter’s ninth birthday. As usual, nothing went quite as planned.

I stood there musing over my burned bacon about that one salon.com article where Emily Matchar, a young  feminist atheist, confesses to an obsession with mormon mommy blogs with all of their cute little picture-perfect lives.

My life is not picture perfect.  But really now, would I have it any other way?  Okay, maybe sometimes I would.

Anyway, so I laughed to myself at the thought of posting a picture of this awful bacon and my lazy-momma strawberry shortcakes, but then I decided, hey, why not?  Nobody’s perfect… we’re just trying to be.  Might as well be real about it all, right?

So… here we go. I’m Velda. Yeah, like Zelda with a V.  And I love my goofed up life.