Lazy-Momma Strawberry Shortcakes

Normally my kids get green smoothies for breakfast, but today is my girl’s birthday, so I decided to pull out all the stops and make something special.

In my case, “make something special” might as well mean, “plan for disaster” … I so rarely make bacon, I had no idea how to make it turn out. And it did not. But that’s OK. I think my super lazy strawberry shortcakes worked out alright, so here’s the recipe.

quick strawberry shortcake and burned bacon
Our lovely lazy-momma strawberry shortcake with burned bacon. Happy birthday to my little girl.
Now here's something I can do! Chop up strawberries!

Alas. I’m trying to add the recipe with a neat recipe-formatted plugin, but those aren’t working so well right now. So I’ll just write what I did. It’s good, and easy. Not terribly good for you, but it works.

You’ll need:
– 1 lb strawberries, washed
– 1 package Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Biscuits
– 2 T Sugar
– 1 can of whipped cream

– Make the biscuits as per Pillsbury’s instructions
– While the biscuits are baking, chop up the strawberries, sprinkle them with the sugar, stir them up, and let them be.
– *Optional Step* Completely forget about the bacon you were cooking.
– Split each biscuit into thirds (the layers make this part easy) and add whipped cream and strawberries.
– Enjoy

Lazy strawberry shortcake, burned bacon, and a birthday girl
Birthday girl enjoying her breakfast

Quoth the birthday girl: “Wow, this burned bacon is surprisingly tender and delicious, and the strawberry shortcakes are awesome, too! Thanks, Mom!”

And said my son: “This reminds me of the time you burned the lasagna you made for my birthday breakfast.”

I’d post that recipe, too, but it basically involved throwing a frozen lasagna in the oven at 5am and falling asleep. Maybe I’ll share that another time. 🙂

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