Disco Ball Progression

So, you saw my awesome Papier-mâché disco ball base — now I just need to make it shine! So I went through my old CDs and found a few I knew I didn’t need. Incidentally, I’d only kept this AOL CD thinking I’d make a warhol-esque wall-hanging out of a bunch of them, but I didn’t need this one.

So I chopped it up — and I chopped up some other discs, too, just using a pair of cheap kitchen shears. I’ve been hot-gluing these to my papier-mache ball. I’m out of disposable CDs at the moment, but looking for more. Oh, and incidentally? Cheap burnable CDs don’t work very well. The shiny surface separates from the plastic when it’s cut. Alas. So does anyone have any old CDs they don’t need anymore? Send ’em on over: I’ll invite you to my first disco!

An old AOL CD finding its purpose in life
home made disco ball
Progression of the disco ball!

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